Brokerage & Consulting Services

Thornbury Capital is a commercial real estate brokerage and consultancy firm offering real estate developers, investors and other industry participants transaction and advisory services. Thornbury assists clients with analyzing potential investment opportunities, fine-tuning existing investment strategies, capital sourcing and marketing properties on a national or international scale. Additionally, the Firm provides consulting services to real estate developers, investors and other industry participants. It is experienced in sourcing, structure, acquisition, due-diligence, entitlement, land development, construction and management of residential and commercial real estate investments in target markets across the U.S. The team strives to build and enhance value by leveraging strong attention to detail, accessing an active investor base and capitalizing on its vast market knowledge in ways that benefit every aspect of the investment management process.

Financial Services

We provide complete or bespoke project- or portfolio-level financial analysis services which may include; revenue & cost, pro forma cash flow & budget, sensitivity, leasing, tax, economic, and equity & debt capital analyses. Other services: partnership structuring, investment performance projections & tracking, risk evaluation & management, and accounting & financial reporting.

Financial Training

We teach clients and their teams the technical skills and operating procedures that are essential for the delivery of financially successful projects. First, we build on the core competencies needed to perform financial analysis of development projects, real estate investments and capital markets, and then we develop a program of internal processes that improve efficiency, accuracy and performance. Training programs that range from basic to advanced financial modeling are tailored to meet each project or organization’s needs.

Capital Markets

We help clients to navigate the debt and equity markets through the capital procurement process with seamless underwriting, presentation and delivery of investment opportunities to potential investors and lenders. Value creation results from the strategic development of a business plan and optimization of its capital structure.

Market Research

We perform extensive market feasibility and consumer research through qualitative and quantitative analysis of product demand and pricing & inventory trends in local markets.  We assess historical transaction data, competitive projects, local, regional & state infrastructure, and key demographics & economic indicators, in order to provide sound pricing and absorption guidance for each project.

Marketing & Investor Relations

Effective communication is the key to success. We help clients to develop and implement strategies for marketing that embody their philosophies, goals and expertise.  Investor relationships build trust through accurate and dependable flows of information and performance.

Due Diligence & Asset Management

We work closely with third-party consultants, brokers, engineers, architects and local municipalities to support clients’ due diligence and asset management efforts.


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